Two Shot Injection Molding

Two Shot Medical Injection Molding

Makuta Micro Molding produces millions of two-shot and over-molded micro parts annually. These high-precision multi-shot injection molded parts, which are used in the medical, drug-delivery and testing, office automation and automotive industries, include:

  • Parts with two different colors
  • Parts with different materials such as ABS plus clear PC for illumination purposes
  • Over-molded parts that combine dissimilar materials such as hard PC combined with soft TPE (thermoplastic elastomer or rubber)

Makuta’s two-shot micro molding expertise expands the capabilities of product designers by allowing this technology to be used in smaller and smaller parts.  Expensive insert-molded parts can sometimes be replaced with our 2-shot technology, and secondary processes can often be eliminated resulting in reduced cost per part for our customers.

High-precision micro two-shot and over-molding requires specialized design and tooling expertise as well as specialized molding machines and technology. Makuta uses Sumitomo injection molding machines in combination with proprietary Sansyu-developed technology.

  • The video shows a highly automated cell that injection molds micro valves for a drug delivery device. The 2-shot medical part (shown below) being molded combines a PP body (first shot) with a soft, TPE over molded tip (second shot). The cell includes: advanced Sumitomo all-electric 2-shot injection molding machines with sophisticated process/quality control capabilities; proprietary production monitoring cameras and systems; and customized, precision robotics, automation and packaging systems.

Below are just some examples of the range of micro molding parts we mold. Please refer to PharmaceuticalMicrofluidics, Medical, and Electronic/Office Automation pages for more examples.

Medical Product Examples


  • This micro-molded tip is used in IVF (in vitro fertilization) applications for the transfer of embryonic cells. The hole in the tip measures just 80 µm in diameter.
  • Samples of our two-shot micro injection molded parts including automotive buttons and switches with PC that is illuminated from the back.
  • First shot is used ABS material, second shot is used TPE material. This is one of our largest size parts that is 61mm in overall length.
  • This two-shot part goes into a testing device. First material is PP, second material is TPE

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