Electronics/Office Automation

Electronic Devices/Office Automation Micro Molding

Makuta Micro Molding provides micro mold tooling and injection molds millions of parts for use in electronic devices including:

  • Miniature motors, sensors and capacitors
  • Cameras (still and video)
  • Computers and tablets
  • Hard drives
  • Hearing aids
  • Printers and copy machines
  • Automotive electronic modules and devices

In addition to high-precision gears and electric bobbins, we micro mold specialty products such as components for hearing aids, microphone components and thin-wall micro-sized parts such as the speaker cones shown below.

Our micro molded parts can be found in worldwide electronic device products of globally recognized companies.

Scroll down the page to view examples of our micro molded products for the electronics and office automation industries.

Electronics Devices/Office Automation Micro Molding Examples

  • Micro-molded, thin-wall speaker cones for micro sound systems. Wall thickness: 80 microns (.003 in.)
  • Assorted geometries created for electronic applications.

Below are just some examples of the range of medical parts we mold. Please refer to Pharmaceutical and Microfluidics pages for more examples of medical-related parts we mold.

  • Ultra-small bobbin for an electronic coil. This part measures 1.11 by 0.96 x 0.64 millimeters.

  • Gears used for drive motors in camera lenses. 

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