Makuta works closely with customers to provide the best prototyping and manufacturing solutions based on your design, timetable, production, delivery and cost-containment requirements. Our prototyping services for micro-sized parts includes:

  • Parts that can have features as small as 20 microns and hold tolerances to +/- 5 microns
  • Complex, thin-wall and 2-shot micro-sized parts
  • 3D-printed rapid prototypes
  • High-precision injection molded “working” prototypes (functional parts in end-use resin)

The diverse range of advanced equipment, tooling and technologies we employ exceeds what is typically offered, and can provide significant advantages in precision, timing and cost effectiveness for new and emerging applications and parts with challenging dimensional and tolerance requirements and/or specialized materials.

Initial design prototypes (rapid prototyping) can be provided as 3D printed prototypes using state-of-the art equipment available to Makuta through Sansyu Finetool.

Multi-insert mold design that was custom manufactured for Makuta Micro MoldingThe micro injection molded prototypes are molded in the end-use resin, and the tooling inserts, once approved, can be used for full-scale production.

Second-stage prototyping is performed using our mold prototyping system that combines hardened steel core, cavity and insert sets that are capable of being used in both low-volume prototyping and long-run injection molding production. The cavity can also be used once the design has been frozen.

Prototype mold base

Additionally, we use mold-flow 3D software to prove out design feasibility and run simulations to balance the runners in the components.

Use of our prototype mold bases which are used together with inserts for your product can cut lead time by up to 50% and helps reduce tooling production costs.

From concept, design and rapid prototyping, to precision tooling and production, Makuta can help tackle the toughest micro part challenges and meet your manufacturing quality, delivery and cost-containment requirements. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your micro part requirements. Call (317) 642-0001 or click to email us.