Makuta Micro Molding provides comprehensive prototyping services to meet the needs of our customers. These services fall into two main categories:

  • Carbon_pic_2Small and complex parts: High-performance, “working” prototypes and limited production runs using Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) technology. These fast and affordable prototypes do not require mold tooling and yet deliver similar quality to injection molded parts and superior structural integrity and surface finish when compared to 3D printing. A wide range of high-performance resins is available for this service. Read more…
  • Multi-insert mold design that was custom manufactured for Makuta Micro MoldingMicro-sized parts (including complex, thin-wall and 2-shot): 3D-printed rapid prototypes and high-precision injection molded “working” prototypes. The micro injection molded prototypes are molded in the end-use resin, and the tooling inserts, once approved, can be used for full-scale production. Read more…

Makuta works closely with customers to provide the best prototyping and manufacturing solutions based on your design, timetable, production, delivery and cost-containment requirements. The diverse range of advanced equipment, tooling and technologies we employ exceeds what is typically offered, and can provide significant advantages in precision, timing and cost effectiveness for new and emerging applications and parts with challenging dimensional and tolerance requirements and/or specialized materials.

Use the links below to read more, or call us at (317) 642-0001 to discuss your prototyping requirements. You can also email us at

Small and complex part prototypes
Micro-sized part prototypes