Micro Molding Equipment

SL Screw Assembly Technology

  •  Makuta was one of the first injection molding companies in North America to invest in the new Sumitomo SL Screw Assembly technology that eliminates shear heating and material stagnation/degradation in the barrel. 

Micro Molding Equipment Examples

  • At Makuta Micro Molding, we believe our investment in advanced technology and equipment and the maintenance of that equipment is essential to our ability to run “lights out” and to ensure delivery of defect-free parts, on time, and profitably. 
  • Advanced Sumitomo all-electric micro injection molding machines allow Makuta to produce zero defect parts.

Below are just some examples of the range of micro molding parts we mold. Please refer to PharmaceuticalMicrofluidics, Medical, and Electronic/Office Automation pages for more examples.

  • Robotic systems combined with vision inspection and packaging in a clean room cell for a 2-shot medical part.
  • The Mitutoyo Quick Vision Hyper Hybrid (Model# OVX404-PRO_BL1G) measuring system produces highly accurate, non-contact 3D measurements with its camera and laser scanning sensor.

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