Makuta Micro Molding micromolded automotive parts

Makuta Micro Molding is a Tier 2 supplier of micro injection molding services to the automotive industry. The high-precision plastic micro parts we provide our customers include:

  • Interior buttons and switches (single shot with printed labels and two-shot with clear PC for rear illumination)
  • Various types of clips and washers
  • Micron-toleranced door lock components
  • Gears and encoders for electronic modules
  • Under-the-hood components including micro parts molded with high-temperature materials

Chances are good that you’ve seen or pushed a few of the millions of buttons, switches, knobs and clips that Makuta has produced for the automotive industry.

The ability to produce defect-free parts, meet delivery requirements and contain costs through manufacturing efficiencies have made us a valuable partner for our automotive customers.

Scroll down the page to view examples of the micro molded parts we supply to automotive companies worldwide.

5Micro molded clip used in a car door. Tolerance of ±.005 in.

28Assorted micro molded components used in the automotive industry.

29Automotive buttons with printed labels. Tolerance of ±.005 in.

30Assorted clips and a washer produced for the automotive industry. Tolerance of ±.005 in.

31Micromolded clips with a tight tolerance of ±.005 in. that are used in the door locking mechanism of an automobile.

32Assorted micro molded components that were manufactured for the automotive industry.

actuator-fullSpeed Control Actuator for the automotive industry.

plunger-fullWire-guided plunger used in automotive door-lock safety systems.

44Automotive engine components micro injection molded using high-temperature materials.

motor-part-fullElectric motor components micro molded for use in the automotive industry.

encoders-fullGears and encoders for automotive electronic modules.

For more information on our micro molding services or to request a quote, please call (317) 642-0001 or click to email us.