Process/Quality Control

Process/Quality Control

Makuta Micro Molding is dedicated to ensuring the delivery of high-precision, defect-free micro parts. These parts can be smaller than a sesame seed, or have a hole with an inside diameter as small as 20 microns, or have tolerances as small as +/- 5 microns.

 The parts we deliver require:

  • A meticulously clean and stable molding environment
  • Strictly maintained, high-precision tooling
  • Sophisticated, closed-loop process control systems that automatically reject parts should any parameter of the process exceed a predetermined limit.
  • Tracking of all parameters for each shot and traceability and/or documentation to meet individualized customer requirements. 
  •  High-precision vision systems.

In the video below, the video discusses the process control capabilities of the company’s Sumitomo injection molding machines.

Below are just some examples of the range of micro molding parts we mold. Please refer to PharmaceuticalMicrofluidics, Medical, and Electronic/Office Automation pages for more examples.

  • Makuta offers high-speed automated vision systems for in-process inspection of the components. 
  • In this clean room cell, the robot picks up 4 parts, holds each in front of the vision inspection system camera, air washes the parts and puts them in bags.
  • Makuta utilizes a KEYENCE digital microscope system which allows Makuta to capture 4K high resolution images from any angle, and perform advanced measurements all with a single device. 
  • The Mitutoyo Quick Vision Hyper Hybrid (Model# OVX404-PRO_BL1G) measuring system produces highly accurate, non-contact 3D measurements with its camera and laser scanning sensor.

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