Makuta Micro Molding is dedicated to ensuring the delivery of high-precision, defect-free micro parts. These parts can be smaller than a sesame seed, or have a hole with an inside diameter as small as 20 microns, or have tolerances as small as +/- 5 microns. Consequently, to ensure the quality of every part we deliver requires:

  • A meticulously clean and stable molding environment
  • Meticulously maintained, high-precision tooling
  • Sophisticated, closed-loop process control systems that automatically reject parts should any parameter of the process exceed a predetermined limit
  • Tracking of all parameters for each shot and traceability and/or documentation to meet individualized customer requirements including auditing to ISO 9001 and  ISO 13485 medical
  • Supplemental technologies, such as high-precision vision systems as required

In the video below, Makuta, Inc. Vice President Tyler Adams discusses the process control capabilities of the company’s Sumitomo injection molding machines.

Makuta_Vision_InspectionMakuta Inc. offers high-speed automated vision systems for in-process inspection of the components as needed to meet customers’ individual requirements.

Automation_and_InspectionIn this clean room cell, the robot picks up 4 parts, holds each in from of the vision inspection system camera, air washes the parts and puts them in bags.