Makuta Micro Molding specializes in micro injection molding and micro mold tooling, producing millions of zero-defect micro-to-small sized parts each month for customers in the medical, pharmaceutical, microfluidics, electronics/office automation and automotive industries.

Specializing in injection molding of micro partsOur micro injection molding capabilities include clean-room, high-temperature, thin-wall, two-shot and over-molding, and the high-precision plastic injection molds we provide are designed and custom built to hold tolerances as small as ±5 microns (0.0002 in).

In addition to micro molding, as a Certified Production Partner of Carbon, Inc., Makuta offers high-performance micro-to-small sized plastic parts prototyping and limited production runs for small and complex parts using Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) technology.

Makuta, Inc.’s 24/7 plastic injection molding facility in Indiana is ISO 9001 certified, Class 8 clean room certified (ISO 14644-1:2015), audited to ISO 13485 medical and temperature controlled to 72°F (22.2°C) 365 days per year. It combines:

  • Advanced Sumitomo all-electric injection molding machines with highly sophisticated process/quality control capabilities
  • Proprietary production monitoring cameras and systems
  • Customized precision robotics, automation and packaging systems

In addition to a wide range of plastic engineering resins, we are experienced in micromolding high-temperature materials (to 806°F) and are the only micro injection molding company certified to mold parts with DuPont Vespel®.

U.S.-owned Makuta, Inc. is part of the $100+ million Sansyu Group of companies, the oldest and largest micro injection molding and micro mold making company in the world. From concept, design and rapid prototyping, to precision tooling and production, we can help tackle the toughest micro part challenges and meet your manufacturing quality, delivery and cost-containment requirements.