Specializing in micro-to-small precision molded parts

Our Core Business

Makuta specializes in micro molding micro-to-small-sized parts and micro mold tooling. Our micro injection molding capabilities include clean-room, high-temperature, thin-wall, two-shot and over-molding. The high-precision plastic injection molds we provide are designed and custom built to hold tolerances as small as ±5 microns. At Makuta, quality means more than meeting the specification. Makuta will continuously improve its products to better satisfy the needs of its customers and will deliver those parts to our customers defect-free, on time, every time.


Everyday full committed operation

Makuta is a 24/7 plastic injection micro molding facility. To ensure our quality, we use proprietary
production monitoring systems to meet high volume parts with zero defects everyday.


Advanced Sumitomo all-electric injection machines

Sumitomo machines help Makuta reach new milestones in precision, energy efficiency and overall productivity. Sumitomo machines improve cooling efficiency, energy management, allows Makuta to achieve faster cycle time.

About Us

Makuta Micro Molding specializes in micro injection molding and micro mold tooling, producing millions of zero-defect micro-to-small sized parts each month for customers in the medical, pharmaceutical, microfluidics, electronics/office automation and automotive industries.

The video below shows a highly automated cell that injection molds micro valves for a drug delivery device. The 2-shot medical part (shown below) being molded combines a PP body (first shot) with a soft, TPE over molded tip (second shot). The cell includes: advanced Sumitomo all-electric 2-shot injection molding machines with sophisticated process/quality control capabilities; proprietary production monitoring cameras and systems; and customized, precision robotics, automation and packaging systems.

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