Microfluidics Micro Molding

Microfluidics Micro Molding

Makuta Micro Molding has been at the forefront in working with customers in the development of products used in microfluidic applications. This exciting field deals with the control and manipulation of fluids on the order of nanoliters. The increasing demand for point-of-care diagnostics has led customers to Makuta for the manufacture of blood analysis devices as well as diagnostics lab-on-a-chip devices. We micro injection mold components with nozzle inside diameters of 20 microns.

 Using our capabilities to create precision micro molds and our process development procedures, has enabled the creation of a wide array of new nanospray nozzles. These nozzles are playing an important role in the creation of affordable, disposable devices and helping to advance the frontiers of mass spectrometry research.

Our entire state-of-the art manufacturing facility is climate controlled to 72°F (22.2°C) 365 days per year, and ISO certified as a Class 8 clean room under the newly revised standard ISO 14644-1:2015. Makuta’s production facility is an extremely stable micro injection molding environment, an important factor in helping us achieve zero-defect manufacturing.

Microfluidics Product Examples

  • Micro cone microfluidic component with a 20 micron hole in tip and tolerance of ±5 microns.
  • Microfluidic component with multiple 50µm x 80µm posts with a tolerance of ±5 microns.

Below are just some examples of the range of microfluidics parts we mold. Please refer to Pharmaceutical and Medical pages for more examples of microfluidics -related parts we mold.

  • Micro molded component for use in a diabetic diagnostic system.

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