Makuta Micro Molding specializes in micro injection molded parts for numerous segments of the medical industry. Parts we mold for our customers are used in:

  • Surgical devices
  • Endoscopic devices
  • Catheters
  • Hearing aids
  • Point of care testing devices
  • Diabetes management devices
  • DNA research and sequencing devices
  • Electronic components for medical devices
  • Microfluidics applications (see separate page)
  • Pharmaceutical applications including drug delivery devices, vials, caps, specimen cups, blood collection tubes, syringes and IV parts (see separate page)

Our ability to meet challenging and emerging customer requirements and our unwavering focus on quality and defect-free parts have made us a top supplier of micro injection molded medical parts. From concept, design and 3D printing prototyping, to precision tooling and production, we work closely with our customers to meet their application requirements including:

  • Process control, documentation and traceability
  • Auditing to ISO 13485 medical
  • The ability to mold with a wide range of engineering resins
  • Two-shot molding capabilities that combine different materials
  • Clean-room molding
  • Automated parts removal and packaging requirements
  • Micro-mold technology that supports the micron-level requirements of microfluidic applications and other new and highly challenging applications

Earning the trust of so many medical companies has required not just the technology, but also an unwavering commitment to a clean molding environment and defect-free molding to protect the safety of patients and medical professionals. In addition to our dedicated class 10,000 mobile clean rooms, our state-of-the art manufacturing facility has been measured at approximately 50,000, half-micron particulates (.0005 µm) per cubic foot.

Below are just some examples of the range of medical parts we mold. Please refer to Pharmaceutical and Microfluidics pages for more examples of medical-related parts we mold.

In-vitro_TipThis micro-molded tip is used in IVF (in vitro fertilization) applications for the transfer of embryonic cells. The hole in the tip measures just 80 µm in diameter.

Micro_Comb_for_Cardiac_SurgeryA micro-molded comb used for suturing during cardiac surgery. This part is required to be micro molded in a DNA/RNA free environment and is made from POM material with only a +/- 5 micron tolerance.

Cataract_Surgery_ComponentThis 0.775mm-wide POM gear, with just 85 microns between the teeth, controls the blade used in cataract surgery. It is part of a unique new single-use, pre-sterilized, cataract surgical device from Eye Care and Cure (ECC) of Tucson, AZ, that was developed to bring cataract surgery to small facilities, third-world countries and other remote locales.

Surgical_Ultem_Barb_StopAn Ultem barb stop, micro-molded at 400°C, that is used in US Endoscopy’s iSnare® system for the injection of media (drugs, dye, cleansing solution) and removal of gastrointestinal polyps. As seen in the photo, the barb stop has two, finely barbed legs and a small hole at the top.

Catheter_TipA micro-molded catheter tip that has a tolerance of ± 10 µm and is used inside the body.

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