Makuta Technics Micro Molding plant at night

Makuta Micro Molding has perfected the practice of “lights out” manufacturing while ensuring defect-free parts — a claim that very few injection molding companies can make. The capability is:

  • A key factor in helping us remain cost competitive with overseas manufacturers
  • Important in helping us meet large orders quickly without the higher costs associated with running added manned shifts
  • A major benefit to our customers because we can meet their quality control, delivery and cost containment requirements
  • The result of state-of-the-art injection molding, process control and automation equipment, software, parameters, processes and business practices that are managed and maintained by a highly trained and dedicated team of people with the expertise to make “lights out” manufacturing a workable and successful business model
Makuta Technics Micro Molding plant running "lights out."
Makuta, Inc.’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was specifically built to house our “lights out” micro injection molding manufacturing operations. We run 24/7/365 with 5 manned shifts and 16 un-manned shifts per week.

Our “lights out” expertise has been written up in numerous plastics industry magazines including Plastics Technology, Plastics Machinery and Equipment, Injection Molding Magazine and Plastics Business. You can read the most recent and comprehensive article, written by Plastics Technology Executive Editor Matthew Naitove, by clicking here.