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Makuta is our partner for small parts – micro molded. I also think of Makuta as a small company with outstanding capabilities and technical resources.

Clay Chaney, Jr., Global Manufacturing Manager Vespel TP Products, Dupont


Micro Molded Car door part micro molded components for automotive industry Micro molded automotive buttons
micro molded clips and washers for automotive industry molded door lock clips Assorted micro molded components
Molded actuator molded plunger molded gears for axial gears
High Temperature molded parts micro molded electric motor part Micro molded gears and encoders

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Makuta Technics is a Tier 2 supplier to the automotive industry. If you've driven a vehicle in the last decade, chances are good that you've seen or pushed a few of the millions of buttons, knobs and clips that Makuta has produced for the automotive industry. Our products range from micro molded in-dash components to micron-tolerant door-lock systems up to 60mm in size. Makuta Technics has one of the most extraordinary service records within the automotive industry. Each year we ship millions of parts to our customers around the globe.

Makuta Technics
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