Makuta Micro Molding works very closely with engineers from the pharmaceutical industry in creating unique new medical products for a wide variety of applications. Products we micro mold for pharmaceutical applications include:

  • Syringes and IV parts
  • Blood collection tubes
  • Drug delivery devices
  • Vials and caps
  • Specimen cups

Our unique ability and willingness to collaborate with our customers has led us to many interesting projects in the medical, pharmaceutical and microfluidics industries. As described on the Medical page, from concept, design and 3D printing prototyping, to precision tooling and production, we work closely with our customers to meet their application requirements including:

  • Process control, documentation and traceability
  • Auditing to to ISO 13485 medical
  • The ability to mold with a wide range of engineering resins
  • Two-shot molding capabilities that combine different materials
  • Clean-room molding
  • Automated parts removal and packaging requirements
  • Micro-mold technology that supports the micron-level requirements of highly challenging applications

Scroll down the page to view some examples of the pharmaceutical products we micro mold for our customers. Please refer to Medical and Microfluidics pages for more examples of medical-related parts we mold.

A two-shot medical valve micro-molded with PP and over-molded with TPE. Built as a 4 cavity mold, there are 12 sliding components that interface with one another for each cycle. The highly detailed slide pins are required to interface perfectly with the core pins to ensure that no flash is allowed in the fluid path. Tolerances for this part are as small as 127um (0.005”). For a video on the molding of this part, see our Two-Shot and Over-Molding page.

PC_Micro_Drug_Delivery_DeviceThis part is a polycarbonate valve used in a drug delivery system. The two-cavity mold has three sliding components for each cavity, all with features less than 200 μm, that are required to meet at one time.

screen-cup-full1Screen cups used in filtering a variety of medical samples.

filter-cup-fullMedical specimen vials with the matching filter cups.

specimen-vial-fullMedical specimen vials

For more information on our micro molding services or to request a quote, please call (317) 642-0001 or click to email us.