One of the most important aspects of Makuta Micro Molding services is our specialized, high-precision micro mold tooling.

Examples of the high-precision micro molds that Makuta uses.

As a member company of the $100 million Sansyu Group, the largest micro molding and micro-mold making group in the world, we are able to take advantage of the design expertise and exceptional injection mold tools produced by Sansyu Finetool. These molds enable us to consistently produce micro injection molded parts with features as small as 20 µm (microns).

The following video explains some of the benefits of our high-precision tooling for customers — benefits that ensure exceptional precision, quality control and on-time delivery. Below the video are photos and descriptions of the plastic injection molds and the equipment and processes used to produce them.

Makuta_Mold_InsertEach Makuta micro injection mold is custom manufactured with cavities and core blocks that are made up of several EDM inserts. The benefits of our multi-insert mold designs include: improved venting of gases during molding; the ability to more thoroughly clean the mold components; and the ability to stock and quickly replace inserts, avoiding the high costs and downtime associated with sending an entire mold out for repair.

Micro_Bobbin_and_MoldYou’ll find both art and science in our micro molds. We use mold-flow 3D software to prove out design feasibility and run simulations to balance the runners in the components. The mold components are made using down to 20 micron wire EDM and custom made electrode EDM. But we also still use the art of hand-polishing and fitting of the mold components. This unique combination of capabilities is what makes possible molds such as the two-cavity mold shown here which is for a micro-sized electrical bobbin measuring just 1.11 x 0.96 x 0.64 mm.

Sansyu_Finetool_FactoryInterior view of Sansyu Finetool factory where Makuta’s micro injection molds are manufactured.

Automated_Work_Changer_for_EDMAutomated work changer for EDM.

Sansyu_Finetool_Diamond_Turning_LatheDiamond turning lathe used by Sansyu Finetool for production of the molds.

Sansyu_Finetool_Heat_Treatment_RoomHeat treatment room for our micro injection molds.

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