At Makuta Micro Molding, we believe our investment in advanced technology and equipment and the maintenance of that equipment is essential to our ability to run “lights out” and to ensure delivery of defect-free parts, on time, and profitably. We take great pride in our plant as should be evident from the video below.

We are constantly on the lookout for new developments that can help us expand our micro injection molding capabilities. For example, we were one of the first injection molding companies in North America to invest in the new SL Screw Assembly technology that eliminates shear heating and material stagnation/degradation in the barrel. In the video below, Makuta, Inc. Vice President, Tyler Adams, explains how this new technology works.

Scroll down the page for additional photos of some of the equipment in our plant.

Sumitomo_All-Electric_Injection-Molding_MachinesAdvanced Sumitomo all-electric injection molding machines help us reach new milestones in precision, energy efficiency and overall productivity.

Automation_and_InspectionRobotic systems combined with vision inspection and packaging in a clean room cell for a 2-shot medical part.

SL_MachineThis new Sumitomo all-electric injection molding machine is equipped with the SL Screw Assembly which can meter resin pellets into the barrel one at a time, reducing the residence time of the material in the barrel.

Makuta_Robotics_2High-speed, precision robotics handle sprues and micro parts as required by application.