Electronic and Office Automation Micro Injection Molded Parts

Makuta Micro Molding provides micro mold tooling and injection molds millions of parts for use in electronic devices including:

  • Miniature motors, sensors and capacitors
  • Cameras (still and video)
  • Computers and tablets
  • Hard drives
  • MP3 players
  • Hearing aids
  • Printers and copy machines
  • Other office automation equipment
  • Automotive electronic modules and devices (see Automotive page)

In addition to high-precision gears and electric bobbins, we also micro-mold specialty products such as components for hearing aids, microphone components and thin-wall micro-sized parts such as the speaker cones shown below.

Our micro-molded parts can be found in the worldwide electronics and office automation products of globally recognized companies.

Scroll down the page to view examples of our micro-molded products for the electronics and office automation industries.

Thin-Wall_Speaker_ConesMicro-molded, thin-wall speaker cones for micro sound systems. Wall thickness: 80 microns (.003 in.)

Micro-Molded_Coil_RodsCoil rods used to create coils for hearing aid components. Dimension on the thinnest section of this part is 12 microns (.0005 in.). Tolerances: ±.0005 in.

Micro-Molded_Electrical_BobbinUltra-small bobbin for an electronic coil. This part measures 1.11 by 0.96 x 0.64 millimeters.

Micro-Molded_Camera_GearsGears used for drive motors in camera lenses. Material used: POM.

Hearing-Aid_Microphone_ComponentMicro injection molded microphone component for a hearing aid.

Gears_and_EncodersGears and encoders micro molded for automotive electronic modules.

Assorted_Electronic_ComponentsAssorted geometries created for electronics applications.

thin-wall-ap-fullThin-wall part samples.

hearing-aid-full Wire-winding mandrel with a width tolerance of ±12 microns.