Makuta, as a Certified Production Partner, provides Carbon 3D DLS (Digital Light SynthesisTM) services. Using Carbon Digital Light Synthesis technology, small and complex parts “grow” out of a reservoir of UV-curable liquid resin.

Industry wide, a diverse range of parts are currently being produced using the Carbon 3D Digital Manufacturing Platform including medical device components, consumer product components, automotive components (Ford and Lamborghini), Riddell SpeedFlex Diamond Precision-Fit football helmet liners, Adidas Futurecraft 4D shoe midsoles and FDA-cleared dentures, to name just a few.

The videos below show a small sampling of products made using this innovative technology.

Carbon’s Response to COVID-19

Products Grown from Liquid

Crafted by Carbon

Futurecraft 4D – Carbon and Adidas

Powering Next-Gen Helmet Production

Hollywood’s Hyper-Realistic Special Effects

The Next-Gen Bike Saddle