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Makuta is our partner for small parts – micro molded. I also think of Makuta as a small company with outstanding capabilities and technical resources.

Clay Chaney, Jr., Global Manufacturing Manager Vespel TP Products, Dupont


micro fluidics industry part Micro Cone Microfluidic component
micro molded part for use in microfluidics Microfluidic component diabetic diagnostic molded part
Micro Cone micro molded part for the pharmaceutical and microfluidics Two-shot micro molded part
endoscopic surgical tip

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It has been the natural progression of our technology and our quality that have led Makuta Technics to be a leader in the microfluidics field. The increasing demand for point of care diagnostics has led customers to us for the manufacture of blood analysis devices as well as diagnostics lab-on-a-chip devices. Micro injection molded components with nozzle ID of 20 microns, ±5 microns, have enabled the creation an array of nanospray nozzles. Making nanospray nozzles out of plastic has opened up new possibilities, enabling affordable disposable devices and helping to advance the frontiers of mass spectrometry research.

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