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Makuta is our partner for small parts – micro molded. I also think of Makuta as a small company with outstanding capabilities and technical resources.

Clay Chaney, Jr., Global Manufacturing Manager Vespel TP Products, Dupont


Makuta Micro Molded Parts

Makuta Technics develops precision micro molded components for our customers in the following markets:


Our focus on quality and ability to meet customer requirements make us a top supplier of medical components and devices globally.

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Makuta produces parts for the consumer electronics and office automation industry. Primary micro molding capabilities include components for mobile phones, MP3 Players, and hard drives just to name a few.

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Makuta works very closely with engineers from the pharmaceutical industry in creating unique devices that have a variety of uses. Makutians pride themselves on being micro molding innovators transforming the science of micro molding to meet consumer demands.

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The increasing demand for point of care diagnostics has led customers to us for the manufacture of blood analysis devices as well as diabetic lab-on-a-chip devices.

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High Temp

Makuta is the only micro molding company in the world certified to manufacture products made with DuPont™ Vespel® materials.

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Makuta supplies to the automotive industry. If you've driven a vehicle in the last decade, chances are good that you've seen or pushed a few of the millions of buttons, knobs and clips that we have produced for the automotive industry.

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Makuta Technics
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Shelbyville, IN 46176
Phone 317.642.0001
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