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Makuta is our partner for small parts – micro molded. I also think of Makuta as a small company with outstanding capabilities and technical resources.

Clay Chaney, Jr., Global Manufacturing Manager Vespel TP Products, Dupont


Makuta Micro Molded Parts

Makuta's micro molding capabilities are used in industries from office automation to musical instruments. Our wide variety of expertise, from the development of components for medical devices to micron tolerance guitar picks, provides our customers with solutions that overlap from one industry to another. The unique characteristics and technologies of micro molded parts that we have developed can be adapted and applied to most any industry. Our capabilities include:


Makuta is part of the $80 million dollar Sansyu Group of companies, the oldest and largest micro molding and micro-mold making company in the world. Sansyu has been the leader in micro precision since 1942, when the company began production of miniature clock components. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s production shifted towards high quality, precision plastic components as the markets for these products grew within the automotive and electronics industries.

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Two-Shot Micro Molding

Makuta utilizes the proprietary Sansyu mold shuttling system of multi material micro injection molding. This system was created solely by Sansyu and is in use only within the Sansyu Group of companies. This system is designed specifically for Sumitomo 15 and 30 ton machines. It allows for two different grades of material and/or two different colors to be used with in the same cycle.

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"Lights Out" Manufacturing

Using state of the art machinery, combined with custom designed robotics, Makuta is able to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with only one manned shift. The machines literally run with the “lights out,” enabling Makuta to remain cost competitive with overseas markets.

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Clean Rooms

The production floor contains dedicated Class 10,000 mobile clean rooms and is kept meticulously clean, resulting in an extremely stable manufacturing process which leads to a zero-defect manufacturing environment.

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Custom Automation and Inspection

Makuta develops custom automation for use in various stages of our micro molding process. Automation of precision molded parts eliminates many of the human-induced process variations. In the optimized automated process, parts are produced with little or no human intervention. Automation can improve throughput, increase quality (consistency), and improve yield.

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Micro Molding Prototyping

Makuta can help your company with any project, big or small. Our prototyping options are unique in the micro molding industry, and the difference starts with our tools. Our prototype molds are made of hardened steel as opposed to aluminum. This allows us to build upgradeable tooling, which offers a cost savings to our customers.

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Makuta Technics
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